The idea of establishment of Asian Electronic Sports Federation was formed in 2013, when Alex Lim, the Secretary General of IeSF was visiting Iran and was shown Iran esports equipment by Mr. Loghman Shavarani, Iran eSports Assossiation President. After some deliberation and IeSF President letter of approval to Loghman Shavarani, the Asian Electronic Sports Federation was officially established. AeSF board is consist of Asian countries that are also a member of IeSF.

Since the start of AeSF foundation, Mr. Shikh Salman Bin Khalifah was chosen as the President and Mr Loghman Shavarani was chosen as the Secretary General, who was responsible for contacting with IeSF, preparation of statute draft and registering the federation.


In 2015, the statute of AeSF was approved by the international federation and with the collaboration of Iran National Olympic Committee, the head office of AeSF was located in Tehran. Afrer a year and a half, AeSF was registered as an NGO in Iran.


So far there have been 4 board meetings  and one General assembly meeting which was joined by IeSF board members. In the latest meeting, the international membership certification was given to AeSF President.


One of the enactments of the General assembly meeting was registering the federation in UAE which is under process right now and AeSF Secretariat have been registered in both Iran and UAE.


As of 2018, the Asian Electronic Sports Federation has 18 state members. According to its statute, this federation is responsible for  development and growth of esports and also holding related tournaments and online leagues in Asia.