Asian Electronic Sports Federation and WESCO join forces

Friday, 27 July 2018 17:35

Celebrating a partnership between AESF and WESCO on november 2017, the esports world becomes stronger than ever on the road to a global union.

Asian Electronic Sports Federation has up to 19 member nations and WESCO has 31 nations, now with their union both organizations create more oportunities to share know-how and promote esports in a higher level, using their expertise and members to create a huge synergy between esports times and athletes. The asian members of AESF have a directly have an easier and direct way to be recognized as governing bodies of their respective countries inside WESCO's structure.

The partnership is bilateral and is specifically focused on recognizing both entities as legitimate organizations on the promotion and welfare of esports worlwide. Is has also a colaborative side when bringing together asian and all international organizations creating oportunities to have athletes and times exchanges and promote esports championships all together.

Present at the signature cerimony and representing AESF was their Secretary-general, Mr. Loghman Shavarani, and Communications Officer, Mr. Mohamed, and Mr. Daniel Cossi, president of WESCO. Mr. LOghman is also Vice-president of Middle-east Region of WESCO.

In the same oportunity WESCO celebrated a partnership with the Iran's Ministry of Communcations and Technology to promote esports in Iran and support them in a educational, professional e inclusive level, giving them know-how on how to create the infrastructure to their esports recognition.

source: AeSF and WESCO join forces