Iran virtual football committee has been launched

Tuesday, 15 January 2019 16:05

It is announced that on the recommendation of Mr. Mehdi Taj, the President of Iranian Football Federation (IFF), the plan of launching and forming the Virtual Football Committee in the IFF has been approved by the IFF Board.
As the result, last week Mr. Loghman Shavarany was appointed as the Chairman of the Virtual Football Committee by the letter of appointment of Mr. Taj.
Playing the Games of FIFA & PES has its millions of fans in West of Asia especially in Iran; there are nearly 15 million people interested in playing these games as a recreation.
Iran has the top records of World Championship in both games. Also, the majority of Iranian players of National Football League and National Football Team use both games professionally and recreationally.
The establishment and launching of this committee can be a great help to expand and develop Esports in Iran so the Iranian Esports Association (IESA) which has been included as a leading and strong organization throughout Asia since 2006, offer this suggestion to other IESF members to launch this Committee in a similar way in their countries by the cooperation and partnership of their own national football federations.
Of course, it must be mentioned that this committee is an independent structure from IESA and this committee and its managing has been entrusted to Mr. Loghman Shavarany due to good connection between IESA and Iranian Football Federation.
International Football Federation (FIFA) has a formal FIFA Game called FIFA eWorld Cup formerly known as the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC), which has many fans and enthusiasts.
In Iranian Virtual Football Committee, there are professional and formal Championships for players of National Football League and National Football Team. Also, in this committee the sections of new Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Football related Technologies will actively work.
We invite all IESF and Board members to collaborate and exchange of idea and hope the development and expansion of Esports will be greater and stronger throughout the world day after day.